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The Krampus is a Powerful type of Fey that manifests itself in the darkest weeks of the year, close to the winter solstice.

It arrives with harsh winters storms during the nights, appearing close to the houses of men (but it also attacks elves and other humanoid creatures) with the purpose to punish them for the evil they have committed during the year. In particular, it targets the youngest family members of his target, robbing them and dragging them to its cave where it usually eats them.

It is very rare to be a victim of this creature, its rarity made many people believe that there is only one Krampus. However, the Krampus represents a unique and rare race of Fey beings similar to Satyrs, but much older, some Elven researchers believe that they might be as old as the first Deities of Solaria (which might explain their connection to traditions and rituals).

As mentioned before they have many traits in common with Satyrs: for example, they have goat-like legs and feet as well as Horns. However, they are way taller than Satyrs (close to 9 feet high) and much stronger. Also, their face is more feral and show fewer traits in common with elves or humans.

They possess a strong elemental form of magic connected to cold and death. They smell like humid wood, but they are able to change the smell they emit to attract their young victims. They generally do not group together and avoid direct conflict. They live alone in deep caves on lonely mountains and are very susceptible to curses. They are also linked to cold environments, in fact, no attack of Krampus has been reported in warm climates.

A curse might attract one or even more of these beings close to a settlement where they will attack the populations for many years, targeting the children and bringing despair.

The Krampus is a DnD 5e Creature that was created according to the legend of the Krampus, a Monster linked to the legend of St. Nicholas/Santa Claus which punishes misbehaving children at Christmastime.

Type: Medium fey, legal evil

Base Statistics

Armor class: 16 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points (HP): 82 (11d8 + 33)
Speed: 30 ft


STR: 18 [+4]
DEX: 16 [+3]
CON: 16 [+3]

INT: 10 [+0]
WIS: 16 [+3]
CHA: 14 [+2]

Skills: Perception +9, Stealth +9, Survival +9
Saving throws: Str +7, Con +6, Wis +6
Damage Vulnerabilities: fire
Damage immunities: cold, poison
Condition immunities: charmed, frightened, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned
Damage Resistances: necrotic; bludgeoning, piercing, slashing from nonmagical attacks that aren’t silvered or made from pure iron.
Senses: darkvision 120 ft., truesight 30 ft., passive Perception 19
Languages: Elvish, telepathy 30 ft.
Challenge rating: 7 (XP: 2900)


Ambusher: The Krampus has advantage on attack rolls against any creature it has surprised.
Create item: The Krampus can generate wood items in its hands as a bonus action. Those items are as strong as steel when handled by it. When the Krampus attacks, it generally creates a Wood Mace similar to a massive stick with pointy extremities.
Devil’s sight: Magical darkness doesn’t impede Krampus’s darkvision.
Magic Resistance: The devil has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.
Teleportation (1/day): The creature can instantaneously teleport itself in a range of 300 feet.
Innate Spellcasting: The Krampus’s innate spellcasting ability is Wisdom (spell save DC 14, +6 to hit with spell attacks). It can innately cast the following spells, requiring no material components: find magic, find traps, mysty steps (at will), control weather (1/day)


Multiattack: The Krampus makes two attacks with its claws or with its wood mace.
Claws: Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 13 (2d8 + 4) damage.
Wood Mace: Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 14 (3d6 + 4) bludgeoning damage.
Wood branches: The Krampus generates a group of bramble branches that attacks a creature within 60 feet from the Krampus. The creature must succeed a DC 15 saving throw on dexterity or get trapped. When the creature is trapped it will be dragged toward the Krampus, receiving 2(1d4) piercing damage. The monster can attack the dragged creature as a bonus action.


Krampus, in central European popular legend, is a half-goat, a half-demon monster. He is the devilish companion of St. Nicholas. Krampus is believed to have originated in Germany, and his name derives from the German word Krampen, which means “claw.”

Krampus was thought to have been part of pagan rituals for the winter solstice. According to legend, he is the son of Hel, the Norse god of the underworld. With the spread of Christianity, Krampus became associated with Christmas—despite many efforts by the Catholic church to ban him. The creature and St. Nicholas are said to arrive on the evening of December 5 (Krampusnacht; “Krampus Night”).

While St. Nicholas (which was later transformed into the figure of Santa Claus) rewards good children by giving them gifts, the Krampus punishes bad children by beating them with sticks and branches. In some cases it is told that it eats them and brings them into hell.


The Krampus DnD 5e is a homebrew creature freely inspired by the legendary creature known as Krampus.


    • This creature was made in accordance with the OGL 5e



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