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Welcome to the A.T.L.A.S. database entry, your comprehensive guide to the captivating creatures called Shadow Demons, also known as shadow fiends, that are present in the DnD 5e Multiverse.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious scholar, with this guide, you will discover their unique characteristics, unravel their chilling behavior, and uncover effective strategies for confronting these demonic entities.


Prepare to confront the sinister and otherworldly Shadow Demon. These fiendish beings manifest as incorporeal entities, cloaked in a shroud of darkness. With an eerie and malevolent presence, they emanate an aura of fear and unease, casting a deep shadow over all who encounter them.


Shadow Demons possess a formidable array of supernatural abilities. They can seamlessly blend into shadows, rendering themselves nearly invisible and striking from the darkness. These elusive creatures wield dark and necrotic energies, capable of draining the life force from their victims with a mere touch.

Shadow Demons excel in manipulating shadows to their advantage, enabling them to move swiftly and silently. They possess the power to summon lesser shadows to aid them in battle, overwhelming their opponents with a legion of darkness.

Threat Level Analysis: 

A.T.L.A.S. designates Shadow Demons as a high-threat entity, considering their potent magical abilities and penchant for subterfuge. The Challenge Rating (CR) reflects their capability to inflict significant harm and wreak havoc upon unsuspecting victims.

Engaging with Shadow Demons demands utmost caution and strategic planning. A.T.L.A.S. agents with specialized knowledge in combating supernatural entities are vital for confronting these malevolent creatures. Anti-magic defenses, radiant energy-based attacks, and strong willpower are essential for countering their dark powers.

Shadow Demon’s Stat Block

Medium Fiend,

Armor Class 13

Hit Points 45 (10d8)

Speed Walk 30ft. Fly 50ft.

STR 5 ( -3)

DEX 16 (+ 3)

CON 10 (+ 0)

INT 12 (+ 1)

WIS 14 (+ 2)

CHA 16 (+ 3)

Saving Throws Str -3, Dex + 5, Con + 2, Int + 1, Wis + 2, Cha + 5


Damage Vulnerabilities radiant

Damage Resistances acid, fire, thunder; damage from nonmagical weapons

Damage Immunities cold, lightning, necrotic, poison

Senses darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception 12

Languages Abyssal, telepathy 120 ft.

Challenge 4 (1,100 XP)

Chaotic Evil. The demon radiates a Chaotic and Evil aura.

Incorporeal. The demon can move through creatures and objects. It takes 3 (1d6) force damage if it ends its turn inside an object.

Light Sensitivity. While in bright light, the demon has disadvantage on attack rolls and Perception checks that rely on sight.


Darken Light. The demon magically targets a nonmagical flame or an area of magical light created by a 2nd-level or lower spell slot within 60 feet. Any area of bright light created by the light source instead casts dim light for 10 minutes.

Replace Shadow. The demon targets a humanoid within 5 feet that is in dim light and can’t see the demon. The target makes a DC 13 Constitution saving throw. On a success the target is aware of the demon. On a failure the target is unaware of the demon, it can no longer casts a natural shadow and the demon magically takes on the shape of the target’s shadow appearing indistinguishable from a natural shadow except when it attacks. The demon shares the targets space and moves with the target. When the demon is dealt damage while sharing the targets space it takes half the damage (rounded down), and the other half is dealt to the target. The effect ends when the target drops to 0 hit points the demon no longer shares the targets space the demon or target is affected by dispel evil and good or a similar effect or the demon begins its turn in an area of sunlight.

Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit reach 5 ft. one target. Hit: 14 (2d10 + 3) cold damage.

Characteristics of Shadow Demons:

Shadow demons are fiendish beings that originated from a failed demonic reform in the Abyss. They exist as haunting silhouettes, trapped in a state of distorted existence. While their physical appearance is vague and undefined, shining light upon them reveals their distinct features. Shadow demons take on the form of angular and emaciated humanoid figures with bat-like wings, inky talons, and a lower half that gradually fades away.

Behavior and Abilities:

Shadow demons share similarities with devils in their desire to corrupt mortals and steer them toward evil. They derive pleasure from capturing souls, which they use as currency when dealing with denizens of the Lower Planes. However, unlike devils, shadow demons seek the utter destruction of mortal life, rather than acquiring souls for power and status.

These demonic entities excel at lurking in darkness, rendering themselves practically invisible in such environments. They possess supernatural speed, agility, and the ability to move silently. In combat, shadow demons strike unexpectedly, tearing not only at flesh but also at the fabric of the mind. They can consume a target’s nightmares, fears, memories, and other negative mental aspects. Their ethereal nature allows them to phase through walls and mundane barriers effortlessly.

Shadow demons in DnD 5e Multiverse are immune to mortal ailments, extreme temperatures, and fatigue, making them highly resilient unless confronted with magic. However, they are vulnerable to light, as it exposes their true forms and weaknesses.

Behavior and Associations:

While shadow demons do not conform to the conventional hierarchical structure of the Abyss, they serve as spies, assassins, scouts, advisers, and assistants to more powerful evil beings. Evil dragons, wicked rulers, demonologists, demon lords, nightwalkers, and other dark powers often employ these shadowy creatures. Shadow demons share a unique connection with ancient black dragons, driving them toward acts of great evil and claiming their souls upon death.

They place great value on souls, trading them for raw evil magic with more powerful demons and denizens of the Lower Planes. Occasionally, they capture the minds of intellectuals and wizards, binding them within gemstones as a prized possession. Shadow demons rarely interact with demons of equal strength unless it serves a common goal or they are specifically requested to do so. They are known to cooperate with undead creatures, shadar-kai, and the deathpriests of Orcus. Some shadow demons also serve Kiaransalee, the drow goddess of the undead.

Environment and Origins:

Shadow demons primarily inhabit villages within the Lower Planes, particularly the Abyss. These villages are characterized by the presence of shadowy substances and sculptures crafted by the shadow demons. However, their sculpting abilities are limited to non-combat applications. These villages often contain hidden portals that serve as gateways to other planes, facilitating their movements and alliances.

Shadow demons originate from the release of a demon’s essence when its body is destroyed on the Material Plane. Incapable of reforming, this pure evil essence is channeled back into the Abyss, granting the insubstantial physical form of shadow demons. They possess the unique ability to create more of their kind by crafting evil magic and can be commanded by certain powerful entities from the Lower Planes.

Notable Historical Events:

In historical events, shadow demons were among the demons that inhabit Menzoberranzan, a prominent city in the Underdark, which has also a conspicuous drow population. They were later dispatched to defend Q’Xorlarrin, an outpost city, although the defense ultimately failed, leaving a mark on the annals of the Abyss.


Through this comprehensive A.T.L.A.S. database entry, we have explored the enigmatic nature of Shadow Demons. Their distorted forms, malevolent behavior, and connection to the Abyss reveal their dark origins and their pivotal role in the realms of evil. Approach these fiendish entities with caution, armed with the knowledge of their vulnerabilities to light and their penchant for corrupting souls. May your encounters with Shadow Demons be met with resilience and triumph as you strive to protect the world from their insidious influence.


The Shadow Demon is a DnD 5e Creature from the Monster Manual. Here are the sources used to create this article.

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