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The Red Manor – 5e Compatible Short Adventure

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A “one-shot” horror adventure compatible with the 5th edition of the World’s Most played TTRPG.

Explore the Red Manor with your party and unveil its deadly secrets. But be careful: the horrific monsters might not be the only enemy you might encounter!


In this DnD 5e adventure, the players will find themselves in front of a spooky manor on the outskirts of a small town. The manor is rumored to be ruled by an evil scientist who experiments with deadly machines and dead bodies, and strange noises and screams can often be heard from within.

As the players enter the manor, they will encounter a series of traps and obstacles designed to prevent unwanted guests from discovering the scientist’s secrets. They will need to use their wits and skills to navigate through the manor’s many corridors and rooms, avoiding deadly machines and traps while fighting off the scientist’s twisted creations.

As they progress deeper into the manor, they will discover the truth behind the scientist’s experiments and the terrible consequences of his work. The manor is filled with the bodies of his failed experiments, and his latest creation is a terrifying horrors that he plans to unleash on the town below.

The players must find a way to stop the scientist and his deadly machine before it’s too late. They will need to use all of their skills and abilities to overcome the obstacles in their path, and they may even need to make some difficult moral choices.

Will the players be able to stop the evil scientist and save the town from his deadly machine, or will they too fall victim to his twisted experiments?


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