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What is the best way to escape from reality and everyday life? Well, definitely reach another world!

Tabletop roleplaying games, as we know them today, were born in 1974 with the publication of the very first edition of Dungeons & Dragons, which introduced most of the concepts then elaborated in the following ones. The success of D&D was immediate and decisive: it can be said that all the next board role-playing games are the heirs of this great masterpiece.

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Playing tabletop roleplaying games does not just mean getting together at the table with friends to plunge together into an exciting adventure: ttrpgs stimulate fantasy, encourage sociality and teamwork, allow you to express yourself in different ways than ordinary. And so, before your eyes there is no more a table, a grid and dice, but there is an overgrown forest to explore, a gloomy dungeon to face, a festive tavern to get drunk in, or even a spaceship to fight with your faithful companions.

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You’re writing a campaign for your board role-playing game, but suddenly you’re out of ideas? Or, do you want to enliven your sessions with new creatures, but do not know where to look for them? Or are you writing a fantasy story and looking for inspiration between art and fictional characters? Then you are in the right place!

Arkane Atlas is a platform where you can find DnD homebrew content, but not only! Our goal is to create a huge library full of stories, e-books, materials, creatures and all kinds of content useful to an rpg campaign. DnD homebrew content on Arkane Atlas follows the rules system of the 5th edition, but can be used for any kind of adventure, even just as inspiration. In this way you can enrich your stories, making them even more original and surprising.

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 If you are a content creator and want to share your work with other players, then Arkane Atlas is for you: here, every content creator can independently distribute, publish and sell their DnD homebrew content. To find out more, contact us via socials or the contact page!

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