Strenght (STR)

Strength is an ability score that measures a character’s physical power and the ability to use his/her physical power.

It has various applications:

  • Strength Checks: These checks determine if a character can successfully perform physical tasks such as lifting, pushing, pulling, or breaking objects. Strength checks also come into play when a character tries to force open a stuck door, break free from bonds, or perform similar tasks.
  • Athletics Skill: Specialized in climbing, jumping, or swimming, the athletic skill is often used for specific types of Strength checks.
  • Attack Rolls and Damage: When using melee weapons like a mace or a battleax, a character adds a Strength modifier to both the attack and damage rolls.
  • Lifting and Carrying: A character’s Strength score dictates how much they can carry. Specifically, a character’s carrying capacity is their Strength score multiplied by 15 in pounds. They can also push, drag, or lift weight to twice their carrying capacity.
  • Size and Strength: This rule adjusts carrying capacity based on a creature’s size. Larger creatures can bear more weight, and tiny creatures can have less.

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