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Apartments of the Servants

The door leading to the apartments is covered in rubble. All the rooms collapsed and are completely obstructed by a huge amount of debris.

Dining Room

It was once one of the Biggest rooms in the mansion. Now the long table and all the furniture seem to be rotten and broken. The fine glass on the windows is broken too. The Dining table, broken in half, has been moved to the left, while the long bloody trail across the room toward the Main Hall.

On the wall, the players can find a big painting of the baron with a well-dressed lady, encased in a gold-plated frame. It’s clear that this portrait had a huge value for the baron.

Under the two figures, their birth dates are painted.

The baron’s one states “13 august 1749”.

The lady’s one states “24 march 1740”.

To GM: The lady is Elizabeth, the baron’s wife.

These dates are important for the enigma in the main hall, keep in mind that the numbers needed are the ones corresponding to the months they were born: 3 and 8.

Main Hall

It is a long room, with 3 entrances: one is the main door, another one (in the middle) connects the dining room to the Main Hall. The other entrance, which is on the opposite side of the entrance going toward the dining room, leads toward the library.

Inside this room, there are even more blood trails and some bodies that belong to both the knights of the order and the villagers.

On the opposite side of the main entrance, there is a stone wall with a huge Door made of granite (the “Stone Door”). All the blood seems to converge toward the door. The door shows many copper tubes and gears.

Enigma: In the middle of the door, there is a copper basin and above the basin, there is a pointed needle and a contraption similar to a combination lock, composed of 3 digits, every cylinder is marked with numbers ranging from 0 to 9.

The number 3 has been already inserted in the first position.

Above this structure, there is a bas-relief with an engraved sentence: “Month after month after month, people rise and die, but you’ll be the first one to be born again”.

Solution: The combination to open the door is 383, The solution comes from the painting in the dining room combined with the engraving.

The solution comes from the month of birth in chronological order, so first, we have the month of birth of the baron’s wife: 3; Then the baron’s one: 8 (Because is the youngest of the two). Then there will be another 3 because the wife will rise again according to the plan of the baron.

Fight: Immediately after the players interact with one of the cylinders, 2 Twin sentinels will drop down from the ceiling and they will start attacking everyone. The twin sentinels won’t stop even if destroyed as stated in their sheet, so there are two ways to end this fight:

  • The players find out that detaching the cable from the sentinels they lose their ability to repair themselves and can be killed.
  • The puzzle is solved, then the sentinels will be pulled up in the slots that they came from.

Hint: The Twin sentinel is a very powerful enemy, so the Game Master has two options:

  • Nerf them
  • Restrain their movements in a certain way that leaves “safe spots” to the players. (Suggested)

It should be clear that they are not the type of enemy you can easily take down by brute force. So, encourage the players to solve the enigma.

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