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The East Wing, which hosted the Library of the baron, and the baron’s personal office.

The West Wing, where there is the Dining Room and all the rooms for the servants. Connected to the dining room, in the direction of the village, there are the stables (which are on a lower level from the West Wing, under the garden of the mansion).

The Main Hall, a huge room that connects the two halls: It hosts the castle’s main entrance and is connected to the mountain on the other side.

Red Rock’s Library

The Library is one of the most well-maintained rooms in the manor. Most of the books and the shelves seem to be in optimal conditions, however, dirt and humidity started to attack the room and the objects inside.

The books of the room are about many different subjects ranging from scientific reports to history.

In a case, suspended on a wall the players can see an obituary about a lady called Elizabeth, the piece with the picture though is starting to rot and the figure is only vaguely recognizable. A successful history check (DC 12) will reveal that Elizabeth was the name of the baron’s wife

The Baron’s Office

The office is part of the Old Part of the Red Rock. It is located on a cliff and brings to the private rooms of the Family of the Baron.

In the office, players will be welcomed by a huge mess, open drawers, scrolls and books laying on the floor and ink spots all over the place.

On the main desk though, they will find a blueprint for an intricate contraption, composed principally of a restraining bed, some levers and a particular casing that could contain a small object.

This machine does not resemble anything the characters had seen before.

When searching for clues, upon a successful perception check (DC 17) the players will find a wrinkled note with erratic scribbles on it that read: “SHEALIVEAGAINSHEALIVEAGAIN…

The Stables

A long, humid, and dark stone room, where it seems that was converted into a laboratory/ prison.

There are many tables covered in blood and many mysterious machines that seem to run with a basic form of electricity.

There is a long trail of blood, with traces of a two-wheel cart that goes up toward the Dining Room.

Aid: Upon a successful perception check (DC 14), the players will find 1d2 curative potions that, if used they can restore 1d8 HP each.

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