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Lore and descriptions of the important factions

The following descriptions are elements connected to the Lore of the World of Solaria and will be referenced and used in this adventure. If you are planning to use this adventure is a brand new setting, I suggest you to adapt the following descriptions to the story of your world.

White Lions

They are a group of mercenaries and criminals that form a well organized and cruel infrastructure that spreads among many cities and regions from Ter to Flu’Hun. They are often confused as a religious order, since most of the White Lion’s members follow Tolmad, the God of Caos of the ancient Elven traditions.

However, the religion of Tolmad is generally as chaotic and unstructured as the title of the God, so it is more correct to assume that the cult of this Deity is more or less a form of aggregation for Black Lions, or a justification for the atrocities they commit. Their organization has existed for almost 120 years, and has become so rich and powerful that they have been able to finance their own expedition to finance their organization. They conquered the south region of the Forgotten Lands, rebuilding an old fortress called “Krasbian Tuul”, which means “the Eye of the South” in the old Kumerian Language.

This happened almost 70 years ago, and since then it became one of the most important Centers of Power of the Organization. It is told that their founder, called Grand Master, is hidden inside this fortress.Their organization is highly hierarchical, with Masters on the top of the Pyramid. They are commandments and rules the various branches of the organization.

Generally they are quite independent, they often follow different and even conflicting objectives, but, overhaul, they are amazingly loyal to the Order and the Mysterious Grandmaster. It is believed that the Grandmaster has a direct connection with Tolmad and can bring terrible consequences to all the traitors.

Primordial Tree

The ancient Primordial Trees are Trees that share the essence of the first being that walked the surface of Solaria. It is believed that they were born at the same time as Giants, Dragons and Old Gods and, for this reason, they have a different magical energy. An energy which is believed to be more raw, more primitive and connected to the balance of death and life.

It is unclear if it is more powerful than the Kumerian Magic, but legends tell that Kumerian has a high respect for the Primordial Trees. These legends give almost an impression that Kumerians treated these Trees as Entities with a self conscience and a personality.

Divine Order

It is a term associated to the Cult of theThree entities, referred as The Lord of Speak, the Lord of Tools, and the Lady of Reason: These three Deity/allegories are present in many religions and cults in all Solaria and represent the three forms of intelligence that are presents in all the sentient beings: intelligence to collaborate and/or guide other sentient beings, intelligence related to craftsmanship, and finally the intelligence related to math and logic. They are represented like a Trinity, or by the shape of a Triangle.

The divine order is an Lore element common to all the characters of this world. The fact that it is represented as a triangle is an element that all characters should know and is a key element to solve the enigma present in part II of this adventure. It is important to underline it during the resolution of the same.

High walls

It is one of the most important city-states of the Giant race. Giants are believed to be the most ancient race to ever walk on the surface of Solaria. It is believed that when the ancient Kumerians arrived on Solaria, they made an alliance with the Giant to fight their sworn enemies, the Taws. Together they created the magnificent city of Highwalls, built right close to Kumerian capital. Now, like most of the Forgotten Lands, the city of Highwall is almost completely abandoned.

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