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Story Overview

Players have reached an Island in the South part of the Forgotten Lands, called Loturnia East, also known as Lost World. Loturnia Est is an isolated region of the Forgotten Lands, with a big lake in the middle, a swamp on the south and it is surrounded by mountains.

Loturnia East is even more unreachable than the Forgotten Lands. It is known only one passage, which is the West passage. However that is quite difficult to be crossed by normal adventures, since it is controlled by the remains of the Black Lions, a group of mercenaries who search to control the South Region of the Forgotten Lands and its mines full of Adamantium and crystals.

They have a path with the Giants of HighPeak to survey the Area. Almost no other passage is known, but the Party has managed to discover a teleportation that has given them the opportunity to cross the Deadly Desert and arrive a few miles below the Island.

They have reached this land since they have heard that here are hidden the pieces of a Kumerian Medallion, called the Eye of the Spider Queen, that gives access to the Kumerian Labyrinth, a place even more mythical than the Forgotten Lands itself. An interdimensional Dungeon that hides the most precious treasures of the Kumerian Lost Civilization.

To the GM

This adventure ends with players retrieving the item. It is part of a larger package called “the lost world”. If you want to use this adventure as a stand alone you can replace the piece of the medallion and its color with another comparable object, or ancient and high value.

The adventure is very much based on exploring the dungeon itself, so if you want to level up you have to take into account that the fights are few and must therefore be quite challenging.


The following abbreviations are used throughout this adventure:

hp = hit points
AC = Armor Class
DC = Difficulty Class
XP = experience points
NPC = nonplayer character

The Objective of the Party

Their objective is to explore the Catacombs buried under the Old Kumerian Fortress and retrieve the piece of the Medallion that grants access to the Kumerian Labyrinth.

The Party needs to enter the Kumerian Catacomb and reach the Tom of the Defender, the most protected area of the Catacomb, which is protected behind 3 huge doors. Inside the Tomb of the Defender, there is the piece of the Medallion, which is said to be inserted inside the bas reliefs of the huge Sepulchre. Inside the Sepulchre is hidden the Kumerian general, an imposing warrior which legends told has defended the Fortress and was killed by a Taw Knight, the leader of the invading forces

Background for this Adventure

These backgrounds are suited for the background and the Lore related to the Forgotten Lands and the Lost World:

Background Character Hooks
AcolyteYou started this quest since you believe that hidden inside the Labyrinth you might be able to find traces of your Deity, for this reason you are planning to retrieve all the pieces of the Medallion
CharlatanYou promised a lot of money to the wrong person, who discovered you. She is a powerful elf who threatened you to give him the money back to him. You promised to retrieve the biggest treasure in human history, buried deep inside the Labyrinth, and that you know a way to recover one of the Keys. He holds a person close to you as a hostage. If in the party there is a Criminal, you might be escorted by that character, otherwise you are on your mission alone.
CriminalYour boss ordered you to escort a Charlatan to retrieve an amazing amount of wealth from a mystical and abandoned Labyrinth. You obey because you are loyal to your boss, but most importantly because all the people close to you might be in danger if you do not follow his orders. If there is no Charlatan in your party, the person you are escorting is dead, but not your promise to retrieve the treasure.
EntertainerYou are searching for a great story to tell, old tales and folkson are not enough for you, you want to live a real adventure to create the most amazing poem of all times.
Folk HeroA group of Black Lions attacked your province when you were young, from then you decided to fight this evil order of Criminal and Mercenaries. Once you heard that they were searching for a way to enter the Labyrinth, you decided to reach the Keys before them.
You started this adventure since you want to study the amazing technology and craftsmanship of the Lost Taw Empire.
HermitYou lived in a closed community near a huge Primordial Tree that brings life and wealth to a whole province. However, that raged throughout Termed the Tree sick. An item buried inside the Labyrinth might save the Primordial Tree, your community and the whole province.
NobleYou are rich, but you will not inherit anything from your father since you are the seventh on the line of succession. You are trying to earn some wealth and fame, before your sick father dies.
OutlanderThe war that raged throughout the region of Ter, and that brought sickness to the Primordial Tree that brings well-being to the whole province, you decided to travel toward the Forgotten Lands to retrieve a magical item that might save the Tree. If there is a hermit in the party, you might decide that you have started the journey together with him, or to not known him since the day you have met.
SageYou desire to learn if all the legends regarding the Labyrinth are really true or not. You decided to start this dangerous journey to discover all the secrets of the Lost Kumerian Civilization
SoldierYou are a well-trained soldier of Lady Melania of Fort Vectus, which controls the region called Larianide, on the North-east of the Forgotten Lands. After the Black Lions entered the region, your faction has lost one battle after the other. You have the mission to stop the Black Lions to retrieve the Medallion that gives access to the Labyrinth
UrchinYou heard that inside the Labyrinth might be hidden the Cup of Wellness, which might give you the opportunity to fulfill all your dreams. After a life of dangers, the Forgotten Lands does not look like such a big deal.

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