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Phase 2

To track the owlbears, one of the party members must succeed on a DC 14 Survival check. The creature makes this check at advantage as he receives help from the centaurs.

  • The players must succeed at this check a total of 5 times before they fail 2 times. during this time, the party comes across more signs of the owlbears as described in “Cursed creatures”.

In the meantime, the leader Teodandras asks a character that he is least objected to (they were respectful, preferably a character originally from the woods) if they wish to fight on the back of the centaur.

Mounted Combat & Centaurs

Centaurs are sentient and will act on their own during their turn. A creature mounting it will move with the creature on its turn. When the centaur triggers an attack of opportunity, you or the centaur can be targeted. See: “Mounted combat” (SRD p.99) for more.

Persuading the other centaurs

To persuade the other centaurs, a character might attempt to reason with any of the two.
For Andrade, the character must succeed on a DC 17 persuasion check. Andrade is stubborn and gives the player a hard time. She does prefer creatures with a woodland origin, who gain advantage on this check.
For Pelagio, the character must succeed on a DC 17 persuasion check. Pelagio is not sure if a creature on its back is going to restrict him to hunt. If the character mentions “fighting better” or “defending each other” they get advantage on the check.

Successful Tracking

If the party succeeds 5 times on the tracking check, they find a small cave entrance. The entrance is covered in viscera and filth. Dirty, red bear claws are smeared on the stone entrance. Inside, they hear soft grunting and roaring. Go to Encounter with Gorlon.

Failed tracking

If the party fails its second time, they will be ambushed by 5 apes. The centaurs wish to knock the apes out rather than kill them, as they wish to save them once they know how.

Cursed Ape tactics and encounter set up

  • The apes surprise the party by hiding in the trees (Perception DC 17)
  • On their ambush turn, they use their “Curse of Rage” bonus action, forgoing the movement but applying the extra damage to their “rock” attack, which they make at advantage against any creature that has not seen the apes beforehand.
  • On their next turn, the apes once more use the bonus action “Curse of Rage”, but this time they climb down 15 feet and attempt to go into melee and use their “fist” attack twice.
  • The apes do not retreat. Their psyche is tempered with, and they are extremely hostile. The centaurs will inform the party that this is the effect of the curse if they have not yet figured it out.

Battlemap apes

Phase 3: Encounter with Gorlon

A. Entrace

The entrance is covered in moss, grass, and dried blood. A trail of tracks and blood run inside. Once further inside, there are two cliffsides 10 ft. high. Once goes to area (B), which has a ladder and the other goes to area (C)

  • A DC 16 nature check reveals the flowers in the eastern side to be Wyrmflowers

B. Large cavern

The trail follows goes further through the large cavern. A damp smell of dried blood hangs in the air. At the end, the cavern splits towards area (C), (D), and (E). Light comes from area D, and soft screeching from area (E).

  • A DC 16 nature check reveals the flowers near the cliffside to be Wyrmflowers

C. Waterway

In the waterway, a corpse lies down in the water. Its flesh is almost all rotten away. The pond is clear, with an abundance of moss and fungi growing around it. The flora almost masks the smell of dried blood in the air.

  • A DC 15 perception check reveals a ring of warmth (SRD p.238) still on the hand of the corpse.
  • A DC 16 nature check reveals the flowers near the water to be Wyrmflowers

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