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Salvager Odrim Grotk

Endless Thunder

The Archelm Cannons positioned along the Thundering Steps have made the entrance into Archelm Hold extremely dangerous. Odrim Grotk wants to make this path to Archelm Hold less hazardous by deactivating the cannons or discovering a way to bypass them entirely. Odrim Grotk is requesting the party find a way around the cannons or eliminate them.

Front Door Key

Odrim Grotk needs assistance entering Archelm Hold. The Grinding Gates are the only known entrance into Archelm, but these gates require a device possessed only by the mechagnomes to enter. Odrim Grotk is requesting the party find a mechagnome who can help him gain entrance into the city, or find another way to enter altogether.

No Risk No Reward

Odrim Grotk knows the location of a fallen Archelm Centurion that has yet to be salvaged or repaired. This automaton is believed to contain several rare components that can be sold for a hefty price. Odrim Grotk is requesting the party to escort him to this automaton and protect him while he salvages the valuable components it possesses.

Pit Lord Ironmane

Destructive Entertainment

The Pit is where many tinkerers send their creations to be destroyed and recycled. These constructs are often sold to The Pit at extremely low prices. Pit Lord Ironmane has an abundance of these constructs and needs to dispose of them. He has organized an event at The Pit and is requesting the party to partake in it by destroying as many of these constructs as entertainingly as possible.

Fowl Play

Pit Lord Ironmane believes that a contestant of The Pit has been cheating to win their matches. Each match this contestant enters, their opponent’s constructs always have a technical error. Allowing for this suspicious newcomer to win with ease. Pit Lord Ironmane is requesting the party investigate this individual and see if any foul play is detected.

Innkeeper Davlen

Helping Hands

Innkeeper Davlen has been utilizing the scrappers to serve his patrons at the Loose Screw. However, the tavern gets rowdy and countless scrappers have been damaged beyond repair leaving no one to tend to the patrons. Davlen is requesting the party to search for more constructs that can survive more than a single night at the Loose Screw. More scrappers would suffice, although Davlen is looking to employ something more durable this time.

Rowdy Nights

The Loose Screw has gained a reputation for being extremely disorderly and many citizens of The Junkyard have criticized Innkeeper Davlen for the display at his establishment. Davlen has decided to take responsibility and wants to restore order at the Loose Screw by hiring security. Davlen needs help hiring security and weeding out some of the regular trouble makers that come to the Loose Screw.

Tinkerer Pyri Cogsteel

Trial & Error

Tinkerer Pyri Cogsteel has several inventions lying about the Tinker’s Trove that are incomplete or require additional testing. Pyri is always lending these creations to others who can test them in the field. Pyri is requesting the party to take a couple of these items and test them for her and then return to inform her of their efficiency.

Forsaken Knowledge

Within Archelm Hold, in the Innovatium Ward, there is untold knowledge that could benefit someone such as Pyri Cogsteel immensely. She has learned of a specific tome within this ward needs someone to retrieve it for her. Pyri Cogsteel is requesting the party to search through the Innovatium Ward to find this tome and return it to her.

Automaton Mark 2.0

Tinkerer Pyri Cogsteel has been experimenting with the gyrocore and believes she has made a breakthrough. To test her hypothesis she needs to utilize the equipment the mechagnomes left behind in the Constructium Ward. Pyri Cogsteel is requesting the party to take this adjusted gyrocore to the Constructium Ward and create an Archelm Automaton with it. Then return this automaton to Pyri in one piece.

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