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Page IX – Quest Hooks I (Engines of the Losts)

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This page provides Game Masters with a multitude of quest hooks that they can use to apply the different story elements found within this supplement. These quest hooks combine the information given from the lore, places of interest, and characters of interest to create enticing plot points for you to easily use the material within this supplement. Please, add or remove details from these quest hooks so they may more seamlessly be included in your games.

General Gawin Grandspark

Ultimate Betrayer

The mechagnomes were forced to leave their city and the Archelm Automatons were turned against them in an evil twist of fate. General Gawin Grandspark is seeking revenge against The Overseer for its betrayal of the mechagnomes. However, this is no easy task even for the general. The general is requesting the party to aid him in finishing the job he couldn’t all those years ago and destroy The Overseer as punishment for its crimes against the mechagnomes.

Inevitable War

General Gawin Grandspark is devoted to his duties as general of the Archelm Automaton army and still seeks to use the automatons to wage war on the surface world. However, to do this he needs access to the Archelm War Machines. General Gawin Grandspark is requesting the party to aid him in gaining control of the war machines and unleashing them on the surface. So they can fulfill their original purpose.

The Overseer

Crisis Aversion

The Overseer is in desperation to stop General Gawin Grandspark from unleashing the Archelm War Machines on the surface world. These machines would devastate anything that crosses their path. The Overseer is requesting the party to find General Gawin Granspark within Archelm Hold and prevent him from gaining control of the war machines.

Beyond Repair

The Overseer was severely damaged by General Grandspark years ago when it turned their creations against them, for the betterment of the world. Today, The Overseer remains damaged, unable to move or repair itself without access to the proper materials. The Overseer is requesting the party to retrieve a list of specific materials so that it can repair itself to function once more.

Archelm Entombed

The Overseer has devised a plan to prevent the Archelm Automatons from ever being unleashed onto the surface world. The only entrance into Archelm Hold is the Grinding Gates. The Overseer is requesting the party search for a way to seal or destroy this entrance. Entombing The Overseer and all of the Archelm Automatons within Archelm Hold if necessary.

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