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Amulet and Collar of Beast Control

Wonderous item, very rare (requires attunement)

An amulet shaped like a star with a chained paw depicted on it and a black, spiked collar. When the creature attuned to these items wears the amulet, he can put its collar on any incapacitated beast of cr 4 or lower that has an intelligence of 4 or less. The beast will fall under a permanent dominate beast spell. At the end of each long rest, the creature may choose to attempt to break the collar.
To do so, it must succeed on a DC 18 strenght check. The beast is then free of the spell and is hostile to the creature attuned to this necklace. Whether or not the beast will make a strength check depends on how the creature is treated.

Amulet of Mind Witchery

Amulet, rare (requires attunement)

A creature wearing this pink, eyeshaped crystal amulet can use its action to cast charm monster once until it finishes a long rest. The targeted creature has disadvantage on the saving throw if it does not originate from the Crystal Grove.

Antipetrification Potion

Potion, uncommon

This potion is a brew of chemicals and Crystalshard fungi spores. The alchemical compounds cause the spores to activate their own defense mechanisms keeping self petrification away. Once smeared over a petrified creature it returns back to its living form.


Staff , uncommon

A wooden staff, ending in a curl with a bell hanging in it. This item was created as a way for the Karthuk to communicate with large groups of ants. While wielding this staff, the wielder may cast speak with animals at will. When speak with animals is cast this way, the used can speak to up to 50 beasts at the same time.

Belt of the Ant

Belt, uncommon

While wearing this belt, your carrying capacity is doubled, and you have advantage on Strenght (Athletics) checks.

Carapace armor

Half-plate, rare (requires attunement)

This armor is made by removing the exoskeleton of insects and processing it, softening and reshaping it with heat. While wearing this armor, you have advantage on intimidation checks. Additionally, you can cast gaseous form as an action while wearing this armor. Instead of gas, you turn into tiny insects. You can cast this spell once this way, recharging on a short rest.

Conduit Wand

Wand, rare (requires attunement)

This wand is made from crystaltrees; trees that carry much iron. Its blackened bark is damaged by the burnmarks of high voltage. While wielding this wand, you have resistance to lightning damage and you can reroll any 1 or 2 on damage rolls when you deal lightning damage. Additionally, you can use your reaction to redirect lightning damage spells of other creatures that target a creature within 30 feet of you to you instead.

Crystal Weapon

Any weapon, uncommon

When you hit a creature with a critical strike while wielding this weapon, it deals an additional die of damage.

Crystaltip Arrow

Arrow, common

This arrow is tipped with crystal, causing it to more easily deal damage on weak spots. When you hit a creature with a critical strike, the arrow deals 1d8 extra damage of the weapon’s damage type. If elemental damage is dealt, the extra damage can also be elemental as the crystal acts as a magical conduit.

Elemental Adapter

Wonderous item , very rare

This odd amalgamation of crystal and metal hold different buttons, each inlaid with a differently coloured rune. When the elemental adapter is connected to a weapon, it allows the wielder to deal an extra 1d6 damage of its choice. As a bonus action, you may press a rune on the converter indicated on the table below.

Elemental Adapter Table


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