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Heed the Golem

For Characters of level 7-9
The characters come across a large crystal formation. The player with the highest passive perception spots, however, a crystal elemental (p.31). It has not noticed the players, as it’s attention is on feeding. There is a still body lying 20 feet away from the elemental, surrounded by blood. The following information can be found out:

  • A successful DC 16 Intelligence (Nature) check revealsthat when a crystal elemental is feeding, it is aggressive avoid the creature when it is feeding.
  • A successful DC 13 Intelligence (Nature) check reveals that the crystal formation can contain powerful crystal shards. If it succeeds on the check by 5 or more, it knows that the approximate value of the crystal shard harvestable is worth around 400 gold.

A bit further, some Agrr tribe goblins stumble through the forest. They’re spotted going towards the crystal formation.

Encounter information

If the players choose to ignore it, or at initiative 20, round 3 in combat, a group of 3 Agrr miners (p.12) walk calmly past the crystal shard. They seem to be in a stupor.

  • A successful DC 14 Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals the miners to be charmed by the hyxia crystal. A creature has advantage on this check if they have seen the effects of the crystal before this instance.
  • If the players violently shake the miners, they snap out of their stupor. If the players ignore the goblins as well, they disturb the crystal elemental and will likely die. If the goblins are helped, they will offer help in slaying the crystal elemental and as thanks they will mine the crystalshard hidden within the formation.

The following items can be found on/are part of the crystal elemental.

  • Essence of a crystal elemental (shardspitter shield ingredient)

The body is crushed, its plate armor unusable. On its person are some items of interest. Roll a d6;

Reward Table

1A pouch containing 15 pp
2A spell scroll of blight
3A crystal shard worth 50 gold
4A map towards a hidden location (Dm’s discretion)
5A crystal shortsword, and a pouch containing 5 gp
6An oaken ring worth 10 gp.


For Characters of level 2-3
A giant praying mantis (M) (p.24) and a giant crystalized hecules beetle (f) (p.20) are in a stand-off. The players can spot the situation before they make any noise if they succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check or if their passive perception exceeds 15 (if they are in stealth already, they move unnoticed if more than half or more players beat a DC of 13). The players may inspect the situation:

  • A successful DC 14 Intelligence (nature) check reveals that this “fight” is not necessarily of predatory nature. Most likely, the giant praying mantis (m) entered the hercules beetle’s territory.
  • A successful DC 16 Wisdom (Perception) check reveals a bear trap clamps down on the leg of the mantis.

Encounter information

This encounter moves differently depending on character action.

  • If the characters choose to observe, they will see it use its deimatic display, attempting to scare the hercules beetle.
  • If they do not, the mantis uses its deimatic display at initiative 20. If the players slay the mantis without attacking the beetle, it will not be hostile.
  • If the bear trap is undone, the mantis will spend its actions to flee. If the beetle was not attacked by the party, it only shows defensive behaviour.

If Biruk is saved, he is willing to talk, and has knowledge about the following subjects:

  • Raising Ants
  • Brewing ale (can count as a teacher for the brewers supplies)

In either of the creature’s stomach’s, some items can be found. If a creature succeeds on a DC 15 nature/investigation check, they know to check the creatures stomach contents. Roll a d6;

1a crystal arcane focus
2Acidic bile (can be collected into a vial to make a
vial of acid
3A crystal shard worth 100 gold
4Half-digested meat
5A map made on animal skin; it is severely damaged
6a golden ring worth 50 gp.

Hunt of the Solodt

For Characters of level 4-6

The party is hunted by a group of Solodt tribe members. In total, 4 Solodt tribalists, a Hand of Solodt and a Corpsethief (p.14 & p.15). They suspect the party to carry a large quantity of crystal shards, which they would not mind if they would acquire it. They follow the party until they rest, which is when they make their move. They make use of camouflage, which grants them advantage in Dexterity (Stealth) checks. A player with a passive Perception of 14 or higher can spot the corpsethief repositioning.

Encounter information

  • If the Solodt hunting party is spotted before the party rests, they will attempt to gain the party’s crystal with intimidation. If this fails, the Hand of Solodt decides if the odds are in their favour. If they are, the Solodt attack the party, focusing any character that hold a large bag. Once loot is acquired, the solodt leave. If the odds are not in the Solodt’s favour, they retreat.

If the Solodt hunting party was not spotted, the following happens:

  • If the party takes a long rest, they will find themselves robbed of their belongings the next day; goblin tracks all around their camp.
  • If the party takes a short rest, they will be ambushed. The Hand of Solodt initiates the fight with the fear spell

When searching a body of a tribalist or the corpsethief, roll a d6 on the table below;

1A pouch containing 13 gp
2A spell scroll of bless
3A crystal shard worth 50 gold
41d6 crystaltip arrows
5Anti-petrification potion
6a pouch containing knucklebones of a large
creature. These can be used as a material
component for the augury spell.

When searching the body of the Hand of Solodt, roll a d6 on the table below;

1A pouch containing 42 gp
22 potions of healing
3A crystal shard worth 250 gold
4A bag of beans containing 2 beans
5Goggles of night
6A silvered necklace, worth 25 gold

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