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A Crystal Hag’s Liar

Crystal hag lairs are usually caves, lit up by the reflecting light of the crystal formations. The crystal formations do not only function as their source of light, however. While in her lair, a Crystal hag can duplicate herself. These duplicates can interact with physical objects, although they’re not powerful enough to deal damage. The hag uses this ability to speed up her work, but also to confuse enemies about the real location of the hag.

Odd Magic Items

Hags are famous for having odd magic items. Your hag might have single use spells in the form of a weird item or a talking cups. The following is a list of possible hag magic items.

  • Magical teeth: The hag throws a handful of teeth that find their target automatically. Choose three creatures that take 1d4+1 slashing damage.
  • Potion of Giant Toad: Turns the a creature into a giant toad while retaining their mental stats. The creature turns back after it hits 0 hitpoints as a giant toad, or after 1 hour.
  • A jar full of glowflies functions as the light spell.
  • A key that can cast knock once per day.
  • An inksac that is thrown to bring about the darkness spell.
  • Illusory poison that looks like a potion of greater healing but deals 2d8 poison damage when consumed. Any creature can see its original color if they succeed on a DC 15 investigation check.
  • Broom of Flying
  • A mushroom that causes the effects of the stinking cloud spell
  • A vial of perfume that causes any that smell it but the wearer to have to succeed on a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw or become charmed by the wearer until it no longer smells it.
  • An abbacus that causes you to be able to see the value of any item when you hold it.
  • A magifying glass that identifies magical items.
  • A vial of Boiling blood, that creates a 10 foot area that deals 1d4 necrotic damage on contact for 1 minute.

Regional Effects

When a crystal hag has moved into a cave system, her magic seeps into the ground, causing it to mold to suit her needs. Within a 1 mile radius, the following effects can be noticed:

  • The land around it becomes hard to traverse, since thick plantlife and increased growth crystal formation make it diffcult for travelers to recognise where they are.
  • Scatterdust flowers and Mindthorn Rosebushes are common.
  • Intermittent tremors can be felt through the crystal formations. This happens only when a hag communicates with another via the crystals.

Lair Actions

On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), the crystal hag takes a lair action to cause one of the following effects; the hag can’t take the same action two rounds in a row.

  • The hag uses one Odd magic item. Once it has used an item, it can’t use the same item again until it finishes a long rest.

Hag Magic Items

d6Magic Item
1Potion of Giant Toad
2Mushroom of Stinking Cloud
3Inksac of Darkness
4Magical Teeth
5Boiling Blood
6Fly 60 feet with the broom of flying
  • The hag causes three duplicates to appear within the lair. She can switch places with one of the duplicates (AC 15, 1 hitpoint) as a bonus action while at least one duplicate is active. If this lair action takes into affect again while a duplicate is still active, duplicates will spawn until three are active. The duplicates can not attack, and move on the hag’s turn.
  • The hag points at a place within 60 feet of it. A 10 foot high, 20 foot wide wall crystal wall grows from the ground. the crystal has AC 15, 30 hitpoints and vulnerability to thunder damage, and resistance to damage of attacks from nonmagical weapons.

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