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Trees of Transportation

Few trees in the Crystal grove have been enchanted with conjuration magic by the crystalshard goblins. These function as quick travelpoints so the goblins can traverse quickly through the Crystal Grove, bypassing dangerous terrain and creatures. A creature other than a goblin can make use of these trees if they can determine its use. The use can be determined if a creature succeeds on a DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check.


No creature wishes to walk upon a corpse covered in red flowers. Deathbloom float through the air in search of decay. Any dead body, whether or not it’s been scavenged or if there are creatures nearby, everything is fair game for the Deathbloom. These flowers dissolve any decaying creature
before departing, although it prefers living flesh. When a swarm of Deathbloom spots a creature, the swarm penetrates the creature’s skin and sucks out its blood until it is completely drained. A creature must make a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or take 6d8 necrotic damage as the flowers become ingrained in the creatures vascular system. The deathbloom swarm will use its remaining actions to completely exsanguinate the creature. If a creature hits 0 hitpoint because of this effect, it dies and more deathbloom start to grow on its corpse. Deathbloom are completely immune to magic, and are only deathly afraid of normal fire. Furthermore, if the target succeeds on the dexterity save the deathbloom float further away, disinterested in difficult prey.

No HP?
deathbloom flowers have such numbers that no amount of slashing damage will deal enough damage per flower before a creature dies. These flowers’ only save is fire. The deathbloom will
leave any creature if they come within 30 feet of non-magical fire. To quicken up this challenge it is advisable to describe spells and attacks having little effect.
Use these flowers only with experienced players, and make sure the players are warned about these flower’s by either a goblin or an NPC, history or nature check.


Wickerwood trees are sentient trees that can only speak (INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 15). They’re neutral evil and delight in the torture and pain of living creatures. Their weakness is obvious, they can not move. They have advantage on all charisma ability checks, and always have a creature in their ranks that takes care of the physical work it Wickerwood wants to do.
Wickerwood’s primary concern is becoming a fully sentient treant, however torture of the living is a close second. Most of the time, a Wickerwood Tree has one or multiple bodies hanging from its branches

Marshes of the Decayed

In the furthest reaches of the grove, Hixya has barely any power. Marshes connected to the crystal grove appear dark and mysterious. A foul stench hangs here as magic has little power in these parts. Any creature attempting to cast a spell summons 1 + 1 x Spell level shadows.

Crystalshard Fungi

Crystalshard fungi are huge, crystal toadstools. Although beautiful, its spores can have a deadly effect of any that breathe it in. Any creature that starts its turn within 10 feet of a Crystalshard fungus must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or become poisoned for an hour. If it starts its turn within 10 feet for a second time and the creature is already poisoned, it starts to slowly petrify, as the crystal starts to envelop the creature, unless it succeeds on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw.

Borop berry

Borop berries are as rare as they are valuable. This delicatesse’s land of origin was never determined, but it was always regarded as one of the most sought after food under critics. Its flavour is a perfect combination of sour and sweet, and consumption of it causes instant addiction. After consumption, a creature must make a DC 13 Wisdom Saving thow or become addicted to Borop berries. If an addicted creature does not eat another Borop berry within a week, it will gain one level of exhaustion until it has eaten a Boros berry again. A greater restauration spell cures this addiction.

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