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The total rewards available in the nursery are the following items:

  • Javi’s diary
  • a scroll of invisibility (bookcase DC 16)
  • a spellbook in infernal containing the following spells: burning hands, ray of sickness, scorching ray, stinking cloud and blight (bookcase, DC 19)
  • 500 gold (chest)
  • ring of waterwalking (chest)

On the Bodies


On the green dragonborn Javi, the following items can be found.

  • a keyring (for every door in the nursery)
  • a pouch containing 3 platinum, 38 gold and 22 silver.
  • a small scroll containing the true name of Bilzifyr (Agnashi). Can be used to summon the devil if the party figures out it is the devil’s true name.
  • A DC 13 investigation check reveals an ornate ring made of emerald, depicting a wyrm circling around the finger. It has a small needle on top and can be used to deliver poison with a successful sleight of hand check versus the target’s perception check. The ring is empty. (worth 225 gold)


On the Greeniron drake maw, the following items can be harvested; Harvesting any item of maw requires a DC 17 nature check to locate and identify the workings of the creature; For harvesting either use a DC 17 sleight of hand check or a Harvesting check, if you have this toolset added as homebrew in your world.

  • Large Greeniron drakehide. (2000 gold value) Can be used to create one set of Irondrake leather armour (AC 13+Dex, light armour).
  • Greeniron Shoulder Plates. (500 gold value per shoulder plate) These green shoulder plates serve as excellent shields; A shield made from one of the shoulder plates of an irondrake has the following properties: Strength requirement (15), AC + 3, decrease movement speed by 10.
  • Greeniron drake heart. (500 gold value) Valuable to collectors or potion makers (potion of dragon’s breath, potion of poison resistance)


Bilzifyr’s body returns to the lower planes when he hits 0 hitpoints, but residual essence can be collected.

  • Demon ichor. 2 vials of demon ichor (100 gold value each), throwable, dealing 1d6 fire and 1d6 acid damage to any creature within 5 ft. of the impact (Dex save 13, no damage)
  • Infernal ashes (10). (5 gold value per use) When infernal ashes are spread on fertile ground and seeds, within 8 hours it grows enough vegetables to feed 4 people for a day.
  • Essence of burning (250 gold), requires a DC 15 religion check. A creature can catch the essence on a piece of parchment suitable for a spell scroll. When a creature tears the paper, each creature other than the user within 15 feet of the tear must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or become burned.


  • Infernal ashes (4). (5 gold value per use) When infernal ashes are spread on fertile ground and seeds, within 8 hours it grows enough vegtables to feed 4 people for a day.
  • a keyring to all doors in the nursery.

New Companion

When a Greeniron drake hatches, it searches for companionship. Much like its genetic brother, the guard drake, it binds itself to the first creature to feed it. Greeniron drakes are loyal to their chosen master, but how the drake is used by its master determines the attitude of the drake. If treated poorly, the drake might play slightly harmful tricks on its owner. This behavior is unseen when its master is faced with a threat.

Hatching a drake egg

To hatch a drake’s egg, they must be kept warm for seven days. Each of the different kinds of irondrake eggs must come into contact with the element its parent dragon spewed for one hour at midnight, and must always be watched.

Javi’s Instructions

Javi’s instructions on how to care for a drake includes large amounts of fear inducement and violence. If a creature attempts to train its drake this way, they might reconsider their alignment (if that applies within your game) as it is seen as monster cruelty. The players can easily devise a non-harmful manner of raising this drake as they are simple to make happy and loyal to the bone. Simply feeding and petting the drake is usually enough to keep their mischief to a minimum.

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