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3. Javi’s Workplace

Javi’s Deals

Javi’s friends (people Javi has already done business with) get a ticket that signifies trustful service. If this ticket is shown and Javi is not attacked, he welcomes the creature(s) into his working chamber. He shall tell them of the pressure plate in the trapped hallway, and has the following things to offer:

  • One Rediron Drake Egg (14.000 gold)
  • One Greeniron Drake Egg (10.000 gold)
  • One Blackiron Drake Egg (8.000 gold)

He offers these eggs with a clear plan for growing and nurturing the beast so it will obey its master. These instructions are cruel and vile and will have an impact on the drake’s personality (See New Companion chapter for the taming process).

Javi hates hagglers. He hates them so much he asks any creature that haggles to wait outside and continues dealing with the remaining creatures if any. If his request is denied, he opens the northern entrance to the Nursery and lets Maw inside. He uses her to threaten a good deal. He does not wish to fight, but giving Maw a free meal is never a problem so if the party agitates Javi; he has no problem in making them another victim.

WHAT?! Irondrake Mounts?
If working through the process of breeding and taming an Irondrake seems not balanced with the reward within your world; you can decrease the price of the eggs and remove this reward path; or perhaps offer the eggs in your world as magic item components, sheer showings of wealth or aphrodisiacs.

4. The Irondrake Nursery

The nursery is covered in bones and blood. Semieaten and rotten limbs lie scattered across the room. On an altar in the middle, three eggs lay still. There is an egg with green scales, one with red scales and one with black scales. The eggs are protected by Maw, a greeniron drake with a vicious demeanour.

This room used to be a small altar towards a goddess of light. It has been long since it was used for that purpose. The chamber now serves as a brooding and feeding ground for Maw. The only access to this room are new sets of barred doors designed to keep Maw inside. They can be opened by switching a secret lever in Javi’s Workplace. Ripped hunter attire can be found here, suggesting the hunters were eaten by Maw. (See: Javi as a Sidequest)

5. Javi’s Bedchamber

Javi’s Bedchamber consists of simple materials. A bucket, a wooden bed and simple adventurer’s clothes is what he carries with him on the daily. He appears to care little for anything expensive that does not signify wizardly strength.

Within his backpack, other than clothes and rations,a small letter can be found. The letter is addressed to the wizard’s school of conjuration. The contents of the letter reveal Javi to be expelled from the wizard’s college as a result of the unprepared summoning of a dangerous Imp.

6. To the Boats

A long, damp staircase of black rock and salty air. At the end of the staircase, a light shines upon a wooden boat.

A 120 ft long staircase goes 40 feet down towards a small cave. Within the cave, a rowboat lies calmly in the water

To Battle

This encounter is not always a combat encounter, but aì battle can start in multiple ways in the cliffside nursery. For this purpose, two/three different situations are fleshed out.

Situation 1

The party uses the Ticket won while gambling to request an audience with Javi, who is notified of their presence if one or more characters passes over the bridge. They are lead inside and are made aware of the fire trap and its pressure plate. Javi’s imp Jhigo then locks the wooden door behind the players while invisible.

Trap Set!

Jhigo secretly locks the doors so if a deal goes bad and the assailants must escape, they will rush towards the now locked door. In their haste, many forget about the pressure plate and step on it carelessly, only to seal their fate in the flames.

The Deal

When the party deals with Javi, he is merely interested in selling; however, as described in Javi’s Deals. Even when he threatens the party, he is still interested in selling, not fighting. He will not throw the first punch. He will, however, after releasing Maw, move in 30 ft. range of his summoning circle.


When the party attacks their host, his held action triggers, and he moves towards his summoning circle as he speaks the command word Appear (in Infernal). A black mist emerges from the circle as a figure stands up from the mist; Bilzifyr has entered the battle.

Fight at night
If this encounter is run at night, Bilzifyr will be tending to Maw and the eggs in the nursery. He will remain in the nursery until called for at the start of combat.

Initiative is rolled

When combat starts, Javi will cast stinking cloud at the backline of the party as most of his allies are immune to its effect. Maw engages the enemy closest to Javi, attempting to interfere with any that attack him. Bilzifyr will engage enemies within the stinking cloud, attempting to apply the burned condition to as many enemies as possible. Bilzifyr will not use his breath heatcloud if he will hit Maw. Lastly, the imp Jhigo will remain invisible, stealthily locking the door between the trapped hall and Javi‘s workplace if an enemy passes into the trapped hall.

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