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The Lair

0. The Bridge

The bridge towards the cliffside nursery is broken and no longer holds a lot of people. A DC 14 Wisdom (Woodworker’s tools) check or a DC 16 Nature check reveals the bridge would probably not support more than 2 creatures. Additionally, to pass the gap in the bridge, the characters must succeed on a DC 14 athletics or acrobatics check to pass the gap. On a failure, the player breaks a part of the bridge and increases the DC of any subsequent attempt by 1. Furthermore, the creature must succeed on a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or fall 40 ft. down into rocky spikes and water, taking 27 (6d8) piercing damage.

The end of the bridge carries an alarm spell, notifying Javi. the spell shows a visible glyph on one of the planks of the bridge (DC 13 perception).

1. Hallway

A dark hallway with a sturdy wooden door on its left and right side. At the end, a dark staircase goes deep into the
island. It smells of damp seawater.

The wooden doors are unlocked; leading to the Trapped Hall and Javi’s Bedchambers When the doors are locked by Jhigo, they require a DC 15 thieves’ tools or athletics check. Once the doors are opened by use of force, they can not be re-locked.

2. Trapped Hall

A dark empty room with stone tiles. Scorch marks are spread across the room.

On the left side directly behind the door is a pressure plate. A creature can spot this pressure plate (A) with a successful DC 14 Perception check. When the plate is activated, after 1 round (6 seconds), fire spews down from the ceiling through hidden (DC 17 Perception) nozzles (X). Each creature within 10 feet of one of the flame geyser must succeed on a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or take 11 (2d10) fire damage.

Turn Order You can choose to let the players act in turn order when a creature triggers the pressure plate, in which the trap takes effect at the next initiative 20. Alternatively, you can run the entirety of this mini-dungeon within turn in order to not tip off that something is going on to the players.

3. Javi’s Workplace

Javi’s workplace contains a lot of books on unholy subjects; many of which are debunked or just false. He usually works here from within its chair and receives its clients here as well. The summoning circle on the south side of the room is written in draconic. When Bilzifyr is not on location, in times of stress, Javi, Javi can use his action to summon Bilzifyr to this plane for up to one hour (requires concentration). At night, Bilzifyr is there of its own choice, and the summoning circle is inactive.

Javi’s Diary
One book, the Blue diary, located on the desk in the middle of the room, contains the true name of an Imp, and describes a small ritual to summon the imp. The diary continues on how the imp provided its new master with an “infernal connection” to help him solve his money problems. It continues by describing details of how Javi would create his new wizard’s tower.

In the bookcases, his large collection of unproven books is stalled out. examples of books with false information:

  • Why do ghosts eat yoghurt, but not milk
  • The magic of green beans
  • Yolk, why it is the most powerful spell component

If a character decides to investigate the bookcases it can find out the following things

  • A successful DC 14 Investigation check reveals most books to be covered in an illusion. They are books written in draconic. A character that speaks draconic can find books regarding draconic lore about gods and variants of dragons, but also information about their fiendish counterparts.
  • A successful DC 16 investigation check reveals two levers, hidden between the books on the eastern wall, as well as a Scroll of Invisibility.
  • A successful DC 19 investigation check reveals a leather spellbook, with its spells stitched into its leather pages. It is written in Infernal, and contains the following spells: burning hands, ray of sickness, scorching ray, stinking cloud and blight.

The levers function as the only way to unlock the iron doors towards the nursery, with the right level opening and closing the northern entrance, while the left lever opens the southern entrance. The ebony wooden chest is locked with a forge iron lock (HP 15, T* 15, AC 15). To unlock the chest, a creature can pick the lock with a successful DC 18 Dexterity (thieves tools) check. Alternatively, the lock can be broken with a successful hit that deals 15 damage or more.

Damage Threshold (T)
Some objects only take damage if excessive force is used. For example; if a structure with a Threshold of 10 takes 9 or less damage in a single instant, it takes no damage instead. If the damage is equal to or bigger than the threshold, the object takes damage as normal.

Inside the chest, a large sac of 500 gold pieces can be found, as well as a ring of waterwalking.

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