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1. Entrance Chamber (Combat)

This is the only known entrance to the catacomb. A u-bend brass pipe, wide enough for one person, that leads to the surface. It is normally solid with ice, but it melted a few weeks ago. Four giant ice rats aimlessly wander this circular chamber, and will hungrily attack the party as they emerge from the basin one by one.

Scattered around the room are the bones and rags of lesser adventurers, scavenged clean. Amidst the remains are 73 cp.

Combat: 4 × ice rats

Catacomb of the Cold Legion – GM Map

2. Library (Treasure)

A 10′ × 10′ chamber with a bookshelf, on which are various logbooks detailing the construction of the catacomb, how many cold legion troops were interred here, and where. Underneath a small reading, the table is a coffer containing 100 cp.

3. Flooded Passage (Hazard)

This twisty-turns passage is flooded with ice-cold water. See “frigid water” (Dungeon Master’s Guide 110).

4. Lever Room 1 (Key)

A 20′ × 20′ chamber. On the south wall is emblazoned the holy symbol of Moradin. A large steel lever protrudes from its centre. Pulling it produces a mechanical grinding sound that lasts for six seconds: it raises the set of steel portcullises sealing room 29.

5. Lever Room 2 (Key)

This room contains a large brass lever similar in design to the one in room 4. Pulling it raises the set of brass portcullises sealing room 29.

6. Gallery of the Battle of Nalrim (Treasure)

A 40′ × 80′ chamber. The granite walls are lined with frost-coated carvings depicting dwarven warriors battling with the cold legion, and the struggle of the dwarven clerics using ice chi to return the horde to their icy tomb.

A set of rough steps leads to a raised section on the west wall. The base of the steps is treacherous with the tip of a crevice that splits the room in two. At the top of the steps is an offertory container. There is a hidden switch in the container which when pressed opens a panel in the base, revealing 1000 cp.

7. Minion’s Prison (Combat)

A 10′ wide balcony runs around the edge of this 100′ × 90′ sunken room, glistening with thick ice. Under the ice, hundreds of ice horde minions can be seen frozen in their prison.

Combat: 4 × Cold Legion Minions, 2 × Cold Legion Veterans and 1 Cold Legion Slinger. They are singing war chants and planning victories whilst waiting for their brethren to thaw. Many areas of the sunken room are slippy ice (1 in 4 squares).

It should be made clear that engaging this group head on would make an extremely hard battle. They are present to remind players that they are dealing with the threat of a horde. The balcony has a short wall, so sneaking through this area is viable.

8. Gallery of the Gods (Empty)

This 40′ × 40′ cross-shaped chamber features an altar, and wall carvings depicting the dwarf deities Moradin, Marthammor Duin, Hanseath and Dumathoin. Underneath, in the dwarven language, are incantations calling upon them to protect the catacomb.

9. Tomb of Dwarven Warriors (Empty)

A 20′ × 30′ room filled with a shallow pool of ice water. Entombed in the walls are six dwarven warriors who died fighting the ice horde as the catacomb was being built. Stone and brass plaques mark their names.

10. Tomb of Dwarven Clerics (Empty)

A 30′ × 20′ room. Entombed in the walls are four dwarven clerics who died to bring the first ice chi to the catacomb. Stone and brass plaques mark their names. A chasm splits the room east-and-west.

11. Tomb of the Allies (Treasure, Trap)

A 30′ × 20′ room. Entombed in the walls are five human warriors who died in the battle of Nalrim against the cold legion. Stone and brass plaques mark their names and a commemorative obelisk blocks a 5′ × 5′ area in the centre of the room. In the north-west corner, there is an iron trunk. It is unlocked but trapped with spring darts. It contains 100 cp and 400 sp. When the trunk is opened, the first creature in a 5 by 20 ft. line in front of it receives four ranged attacks with a +4 bonus. Each hit deals 2 (1d4) piercing damage. The trap can be deactivated by turning one of the bolts on the trunk’s right-hand side.

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